The 2019.05 version of dbSQWare has just been released!
With 2 new features:
– for Sybase: the addition of tracing of changes on structures (tables, columns and indexes) and the ability to compare the structures of two schemas;
– for MariaDB: the integration of the MariaBackup backup system.

For more information, all changes are available on the “Release Notes” page of our website (“Technical” tab).


Relooking sessions for our software thanks to UX / UI Design’s mission, from atrioom company (Service Design / UX Strategy).
Developments are underway to modify our platform and soon offer our users a smoother and more ergonomic navigation.
A big thank you and congratulations to the designers: Aurélien Beguet, Alexis Sadowski and Marie Vacher for their listening, their involvement and their creativity!


dbSQWare is the only software in France, able to exploit and maintain, in a completely homogeneous way, 11 types of database engines (R & NoSQL).
But we will not stop there!
A 12th engine will soon be coming in … This is Tibero, a relational database management system developed by the South Korean publisher TmaxSoft and designed to support complex and large-scale systems.


I’m still talking about our dbSQWare software, but do you know the main features it offers for DBMS operation and maintenance?
Here is a recap:
Copy environments – Backup and restore – Reorganization – Update Statistics – Dashboard / Vision 360 ° – Customization
Very flexible, dbSQWare adapts to all companies, whatever their size and activity.


dbSQWare is an operating and maintenance software for DBMS.

– “But by the way, what is a DBMS?”
To put it simply, a database is a set of files in which data are stored.
A Database Management System (DBMS) is system software designed to create and manage databases.
It allows to read, write, modify, sort or restore the information of the database, according to the requests made by the user.
Existing DBMS are many, varied and most of the time, of different design.

– “And dbSQWare, in all this ?”
dbSQWare is used to operate, in a homogeneous and uniform way, all the DBMS installed on a computer park.

With dbSQWare, the user manages all of his DBMS with one tool.