DBMS: Backups

– “By the way, what’s the point of making database backups? »

As its name suggests, a database is a structured collection of data. It consists of files in which the data is stored.
It is created and managed by a database management system (DBMS) which, among other things, allows data to be recorded, searched for, sorted and modified.

Data is at the heart of business activity. It is extremely valuable and its loss can be devastating when there is no copy.
This is why it is essential to make backups of the databases.

There are several types of backup:
– the “full backup”: all the files of a database are copied
– the “incremental backup”: only the blocks of files that have been modified since the last backup are copied
– the “log backup” (redo log, transaction log, wal or xlog): transaction log files are copied. These files are used to memorize all the modifications carried out on a database.

Backups can be made:
– cold: when the database is stopped
– or hot: when the database is active.

Once the backups have been made, it is then possible to recover the data if necessary.

And since trust does not exclude control, it is a good idea to check compliance with the backup policy on a daily basis across the entire database.


The dbSQWare team wishes you a very happy new year 2022!

This year again, we will put all our efforts to satisfy our customers and respond to the management and maintenance issues of DBMSs.
It is thanks to our users and it is for them that our dbSQWare software continues to evolve and incorporate new features.

Facilitating the daily life of DBA teams and their CIOs is our priority.














We couldn’t end the year without releasing a new version of our DBMS management and maintenance software.

With new features like:
– the user access report to databases for administrators, by API
– the management of inclusion and exclusion users
– the management of Oracle clusters configuration

And other changes to quickly discover in V2021.07 from dbSQWare!


The dbSQWare team wishes you a Merry CHRISTMAS 2021!
Have a wonderful holiday season.
We will meet again next year for new dbSQWariques shares.

CRIP 2021

The annual convention of the CRiP – Cercle des Décideurs IT opens its doors today!
For 2 days, this show organized by the Club of Infrastructure and Production Managers takes place at the Espace Champerret in Paris.

Our DBMS specialists, Emmy, Séverine and Michel Payan from the dbSQWare team are present on stand F06.

If you want to discuss database engines, their management and their issues, they are the ones you should meet.
They are waiting for you!



THANKS to all our users for their loyalty!

It’s been 14 years since our first customers chose dbSQWare to operate and maintain their entire database.
In 14 years, the software has continued to evolve to meet the demands and needs of our users.
And each year, they know how to share their satisfaction with us by renewing their confidence.

Healthcare Meetings 2021

The Healthcare Meetings trade fair starts today!

After a first dinner last night between top decision-makers and exhibitors, today is the launch of the Healthcare Meetings show in Cannes.
For 2 days, this unprecedented event will be punctuated by one-to-one prequalified meetings and numerous exchanges in the field of health.
Michel Payan and Séverine Payan from the dbSQWare team will be on stand K05, to present our software dedicated to the management and maintenance of DBMSs.

The ideal opportunity to discuss with them on database engines, their management and associated issues.

IT Decision Makers Dinner

Dinner for IT decision-makers (DSI, RSSI, CDO, CTO, etc.) organized by the Club Informatique Provence Méditerranée – CIP, this evening at the Novotel Avignon Nord.

Our CEO, Michel Payan, accompanied by Emmy PAYAN, will participate in this exceptional IT event and will represent dbSQWare, sponsor of the CIP.
The theme of the evening will be: The Factory of the Future.

Congratulations to the members of the CIP for the organization of this event and good dinner to all the participants!

2006 – 2021

The operation and maintenance of database engines require the integration of various and varied tools and / or consequent IT developments. To set up backups, restores, copies of environments and reorganizations.
The upgrades of the various database management systems to be integrated and the turnover of teams of database administrators make maintenance over time all the more complicated.

It is in the face of this reality, observed in many companies, that the idea of ​​developing the dbSQWare software, dedicated to multi-engine operation and maintenance, germinated in 2006.
To standardize and facilitate the management of different database engines.

It was not easy to put in place to achieve standardization of the installation, use and return of the software.
But the choice of design made it possible to hide all the complexity of switching from one type of engine to another.

dbSQWare is now mature software which has been in production for some customers for almost 15 years and which manages 11 types of relational or NoSQL database engines, such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or even Cassandra and MongoDB.
All in a completely homogeneous manner, which facilitates its use, the overall monitoring of the IT equipment, the integration of new engines and the arrival of new employees.


The annual convention of the CRiP – Cercle des Décideurs IT is approaching!
See you in 1 month at Espace Champerret, in Paris, for this show organized by the Club of Infrastructure and Production Managers.

The dbSQWare team will be waiting for you at booth F06, on December 08 and 09.