2006 – 2021

The operation and maintenance of database engines require the integration of various and varied tools and / or consequent IT developments. To set up backups, restores, copies of environments and reorganizations.
The upgrades of the various database management systems to be integrated and the turnover of teams of database administrators make maintenance over time all the more complicated.

It is in the face of this reality, observed in many companies, that the idea of ​​developing the dbSQWare software, dedicated to multi-engine operation and maintenance, germinated in 2006.
To standardize and facilitate the management of different database engines.

It was not easy to put in place to achieve standardization of the installation, use and return of the software.
But the choice of design made it possible to hide all the complexity of switching from one type of engine to another.

dbSQWare is now mature software which has been in production for some customers for almost 15 years and which manages 11 types of relational or NoSQL database engines, such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or even Cassandra and MongoDB.
All in a completely homogeneous manner, which facilitates its use, the overall monitoring of the IT equipment, the integration of new engines and the arrival of new employees.