dbSQWare is a multi-DBMS operating and maintenance software that supports 12 types of database engines which are among the most widespread and most used.
Supported versions have a range of 30 years, from the early 90s for some DBMS (Oracle 7, SQL Server 6.5) until today.

dbSQWare supports 9 RDBMS (Relational Database Management System):
– Oracle, most popular on UNIX/Linux
– SQLServer, developed by Microsoft and mainly deployed on Windows
– Teradata, a historical RDBMS with colossal storage capacities
– Sybase, acquired by SAP and former market leader
– DB2 LUW, the distributed system version of the Mainframe engine
– Ingres, dating from the 80s and in Open Source since 2004
– MySQL, the most popular Open Source RDBMS
– MariaDB, a fork of MySQL
– PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source RDBMS

and 3 NoSQL:
– Cassandra and her column-oriented organization
– MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL, with a document-oriented organization
– Adabas Linux version, accessible by the natural language.

Despite the diversity of these database engines and their heterogeneity, dbSQWare makes it possible to have a common approach via a centralized and homogeneous exploitation.