dbSQWare wishes you all a happy back to work 2020.
And all that goes with it: ambition, enthusiasm, recognition and a lot of success!


The dbSQWare team wishes you a wonderful summer, energizing and dynamic!
And the realization of all your personal and professional projects.


The dbSQWare team wishes you a happy Easter Monday.
For the occasion, we have prepared an egg hunt for you. Just find the exact number of hidden eggs.
A clue: there are as many as years of development of our software.
How many do you find?


The dbSQWare team wishes you a happy spring!
May it bring you energy and enthusiasm!


Special Mardi Gras!
Guess who is behind this superhero outfit?
A clue: I am the mascot of software specialized in the management and maintenance of DBMS.
You found?


Today… it’s Valentine’s Day !!
We are happy to be able to share this moment with you, because it is from the love of our professions that the dbSQWare software is born.
We embarked on this adventure, with passion, more than 10 years ago and it is the same enthusiasm that still stimulates us today.
Because love is a real engine of life, both personally and professionally.


1 year…
1 year ago, I made my first appearance on LinkedIn as a mascot of dbSQWare!
My goal is to make you discover the activity of the company, its software and the world around it.
With posts sometimes technical, sometimes events … Business posts or lighter posts …
And many of you have reacted to these writings and have exchanged on subjects that are close to my heart.
But the story has only just begun … This is why, I hope that this new year which begins will be even richer in writing, ideas and sharing.
Thank you all for your contribution and see you soon!


The dbSQWare team wishes you all a happy new year 2020!
With a special thought for all our users and subscribers who trust us and follow us for more than 10 years.
It is thanks to you and it is for you that our software continues to evolve. In order to best meet your needs and expectations.
Thank you for your loyalty, 100% renewed every year!