Assistance for the installation and basic or advanced usage of dbSQWare is based on purchase credits which can be used on demand, under the conditions described below.


  Table for calculation of the use of credits

Type Nb of credits Nb of hours
   Man-day in site 100   8  
   1/2 man-day in site 60   4  
   P1 40   4  
   P2 25   2  
   P3 15   1  

Support levels P1, P2 and P3 mean distance (phone, mail, SMS, web).


  Benefits and coverage of the assistance contract

The support contract entitles you to the following services:

  • Days on-site of a dbSQWare expert at a discount from the standard room rate and a sliding scale depending on the number of credits taken
  • Credits that can be taken as a day on site service for assistance benefits on:
    • the upgrade or patch of the various modules and plugins
    • training / passing skills on the various modules and plugins for the platform and use dbSQWare / customization
    • the definition of future needs of developments of the various modules
    • review of the use / configuration of the platform as a whole
  • Development of improvements / options specifically requested by the client
  • Assistance on the various modules and plugins dbSQWare by phone, mail, SMS and remote handling if requested

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