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dbSQWare, the unique and complete operating software for all of your database engines.

Main features

In evolution, dbSQWare constantly integrates new database engines, new releases and new features.

Backup Restore

Follow up and simplification of backups and database organization

Copy of environments

and / or


360° view
thanks to reporting and custom indicators


of its
own tools

Meet your expectations

With dbSQWare, simplify your daily operation and management of database engines.

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dbSQWare is the essential software for operating database engines to gain efficiency and autonomy!

Because thanks to its export and import APIs, dbSQWare promotes interactions with other management software.
For complete and comprehensive use of all this software.

Incontournable CIP AVIGNON – 11/27/2023

This evening, “Incontournable Avignon” afterwork organized by the CIP – Club Informatique Provence Méditerranée.

Emmy Payan and Michel Payan from dbSQWare will participate in this afterwork which will take place at the Novotel Avignon Nord and which will start at 6:30 p.m.
The theme of this evening’s conference will be feedback on: “Data Governance at KP1”.

Good event for all participants!

RUN IT TOUR – 11/21/2023

The RUN IT Tour by SEA TPI at COMET MEETINGS BOURSE in Paris is today!

Between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m., Lucas Hibos and Michel Payan from dbSQWare will be on site to lead their workshop, present our software and discuss multi-DBMS operation.
The other workshops will be led by different Sea TPI partners, players in the IT market.
With the main theme, the optimization of information systems.

A big thank you to SEA TPI for organizing such an event, unprecedented for dbSQWare!
Good exchanges everyone!


17 years !
17 years ago, the idea was born to develop software capable of managing the daily administration tasks of several different database engines.

Born from a real need for companies, faced with the same problem of setting up (then maintaining) operating scripts for their different DBMSs, the project seemed daring, even infeasible for some.
However, through reflection and work, the software was created in 2007 while respecting the prerequisites for 4 engines.
Then gradually, the software integrated other engines to be able to manage the most used ones and respond to user requests.
Today, 12 engines are supported.

dbSQWare is unique and despite the breadth of its model, it is constantly evolving to follow DBMS version upgrades, adapt to different platforms and add new features.
Thank you to our users for their requests and for their trust, because it is for them and thanks to them that the software exists.

The leaders

We are passionate about our professions which are complementary and inseparable.

Michel PAYAN (CEO & Co-Founder)

Expert for 20 years in databases

Séverine PAYAN (Co-Founder)

Web designer

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We are committed to meeting, at best, the specific needs of our customers.

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