Flexible and modular, dbSQWare offers a complete multi-engine database operating base that adapts to all environments.

It supports 12 types of database engines (relational or NoSQL).

And despite the diversity of these database engines and their heterogeneity, with dbSQWare, their operation and their maintenance are done in a completely homogeneous way.


dbSQWare is a multi-DBMS operating and maintenance software that supports 12 types of database engines which are among the most widespread and most used.
Supported versions have a range of 30 years, from the early 90s for some DBMS (Oracle 7, SQL Server 6.5) until today.

dbSQWare supports 9 RDBMS (Relational Database Management System):
 👉   Oracle, most popular on UNIX/Linux
 👉   SQLServer, developed by Microsoft and mainly deployed on Windows
 👉   Teradata, a historical RDBMS with colossal storage capacities
 👉   Sybase, acquired by SAP and former market leader
 👉   DB2 LUW, the distributed system version of the Mainframe engine
 👉   Ingres, dating from the 80s and in Open Source since 2004
 👉   MySQL, the most popular Open Source RDBMS
 👉   MariaDB, a fork of MySQL
 👉   PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source RDBMS

and 3 NoSQL:
 👉   Cassandra and her column-oriented organization
 👉   MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL, with a document-oriented organization
 👉   Adabas Linux version, accessible by the natural language.

Despite the diversity of these database engines and their heterogeneity, dbSQWare makes it possible to have a common approach via centralized and homogeneous exploitation.


dbSQWare version 2022.01 is released!

This version includes new features designed to make life easier for our users:
– the option on percentages in the legend of pie charts
– management of bar graphs
– updated support dates for Cassandra (4.0), MongoDB (5.1), Oracle (21c) and Teradata (15.x, 16.x, 17.x).

Not to mention that dbSQWare is the only DBMS management and maintenance software capable of managing 12 types of database engines in a consistent manner.

CAIH, 06/2021

Members of the CAIH, you are invited to participate in a virtual presentation of dbSQWare, our multi-DBMS management and maintenance software.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday June 16, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

Subscribe now to discuss your questions and your problems in terms of exploitation databases, as well as the solutions provided by dbSQWare.


Version 2021.04 of dbSQWare has been released!

This version includes 3 new features that should please our users:
– monitoring the execution of SQLServer jobs,
– generation of AWRs in RAC mode,
– monitoring of changes in the repository (addition / deletion of instances, patch / upgrade of versions).

Not to mention that dbSQWare is the only DBMS management and maintenance software capable of homogeneously managing 11 types of database engines.


The version 2021.03 of dbSQWare is released!

With a novelty that was in preparation when the previous version was released: the addition of a handrail for each managed DBMS and each of its instances.
A plus for our users who will be able to enter all the notifications necessary to gain visibility, information, time and management.


The CRIP annual convention, originally scheduled for June 3 and 4, has been postponed to September 10 and 11, 2020.
The members of our team therefore give you an appointment at the start of the school year, for this event organized at the Grande Arche de la Défense, by the Club of IT, Technology and Production Managers.
They will introduce you to dbSQWare, the unique software dedicated to the management and maintenance of DBMS and will answer all your questions on stand 204!


The version 2020.01 of dbSQWare which has just been released, presents many new features.
Completely redesigned, the software now offers a much lighter, fluid and intuitive graphical interface.
Many features have been added, such as:
– the choice of navigation language
– cvs, pdf and excel exports on filtered and sorted data from reporting tables
– management of access rights on menus
– asynchronous feedback of indicators
– encryption and decryption of connection files
Without forgetting that dbSQWare is the only DBMS management and maintenance software, capable of managing in a homogeneous way, 11 different types of database engines, thus offering to its users, a similar approach and vision, whatever the DBMS concerned.