dbSQWare is composed of four additional modules :



  • Operation at large of DBMS
  • Backups : Oracle (RMAN), Sybase (dump), PgSQL (pg_dump+PITR), MySQL (mysqldump), MsSql (backup), DB2(backup)
  • Update statistics : Sybase (update index statistics), Oracle (DBMS_STATS), MySQL (analyze), MsSql (update statistics), DB2-LUW (RUNSTATS), PostgreSQL (analyze)
  • Réorganization : Sybase (reorg), DB2 (reorg), MySQL (optimize), MsSql(reindex), PostgreSQL (reindex)
  • Collecting indicators



  • CMDB of the SGDB park
  • Various indicators, versions, granular volumetries, parameters
  • Script execution traces : start, end, duration, launch parameters, return code, log extract
  • Tracking of backups : start, end, duration, type, generated volumetry
  • Managing access to SQWareWeb



  • Source repository and settings for operating scripts
  • Centralized scripting as indicators
  • Searching information for park (instances, schemas / databases)
  • DBA Rebound Server



  • Presentation of indicators
  • Graphics, tables, exports Excel
  • Homogeneous restitution regardless of the DBMS
  • General view of instances, types, versions, volumetries
  • Detailed view of the instance, global volumetry, tablespaces / databases, objects
  • Technical view, follow up of jobs, backups, checks volumetries, checks backups
  • Dashboard view, tracking park changes, add / remove instances, patch / upgrade