To complete your project of setting up operational databases, call our DBA experts.
They will guide you during the phases of analysis and implementation of your project and they will support you during the stages of installation of dbSQWare:

  • Architecture definition
  • Customization to your environment
  • Deployment
  • Training

Working with our experts, it is the success of the process and the reduce of load times.

For this, we propose a “Try & Buy” of the tool that will allow you to try and exploit the solution, within your company, for a fixed period and if you are convinced at the end of the test period, you will only have to subscribe to a dbSQWare support contract!

In addition to this contract, you can also benefit from dbSQWare assistance, which will make your daily life easier and allow you to use all the power of the tool.

Then let yourself be guided for:

  • The upgrades of the tool
  • The specific developments of new features
  • The support for use (basic and / or advanced)
  • Training

Remember that dbSQWare experts are primarily specialists of the database, so do not delay, contact us !