Following many requests from customers and prospects of dbSQWare, solution, we decided to spend the billing tool, from v3.0, in a “standard” form with an annual subscription. This makes it easier to read the costs of the solution.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our partners to help you make a POC of the product on your environment.


  Types of edition

   Web, mail & phone support
   Support    Maximum response time 8 working hours    Maximum response time 8 working hours
   Response time / First return    Maximum response time 16 working hours    Maximum response time 16 working hours
   Nb of customer contacts    3 support contacts    5 support contacts
   Assistance / DB support


  Determination of the cost for the “Enterprise Edition” solution

The annual subscription is calculated according to the number of targets to manage (whatever their type), in increments of 50 targets.

What is a target ?
In most cases, a target is an instance (1 host 1 port) of DBMS.

Some special cases :
Oracle RAC: a target is a database (regardless of the number of nodes).
Oracle 12c multitenant: the total number of targets matches the number of PDB divided by 2.
Cassandra: the total number of targets is the number of nodes divided by 4.

Depending on the size of your parc, our partners may include a number of benefit days to help you install tool and / or make the transition to knowledge. Get a quote!


  The “Enterprise Edition” contract entitles you to the following services:

  • Access to a dedicated support portal with 5 identified contacts
  • Intervention of a dbSQWare expert in your issues
  • Days on-site by a dbSQWare expert at a discount from the standard rate
  • Access to patches and product developments in priority
  • Mail alert when important patches that can benefit you
  • Priority to the development of enhancements specifically requested by the client