dbSQWare is a multiple functional base for DBMS :

                – Backups
                – Restorations
                – Statistical Updates
                – Reorganizations
                – Granular indicators of capacity, versions, …
                – Centralized vision of the park (indicators, jobs, …)
                – Complement of monitoring
All in one tool which is configurable and easy to customize.
dbSQWare can also be used as a toolbox for your own scripts.
The tool adapts to your environment and not the opposite!

The “R” et “NoSQL” DBMS which are supported by dbSQWare are :

                                                                                  – Oracle,
      – SQL Server,
         – MySQL,
            – PostgreSQL,
               – MongoDB,
                – Cassandra,
             – Sybase (ASE et RS),
         – DB2_LUW,
     – Teradata
– Ingres
                                                                      – Adabas
dbSQWare, it’s the assurance of having a single operating tool for all your engines.