Unique in its kind, the dbSQWare software allows its users to manage all of their DBMS in a completely homogeneous manner, despite their heterogeneity.

Its installation takes place in 4 essential phases:
🔎  the definition and study of the architecture in place,
💻  the configuration and customization of dbSQWare according to the environment,
🚀  software deployment,
🤝  and finally, the passage of knowledge on its daily use.

Installing dbSQWare means choosing reliability, agility and peace of mind, through global management and vision of your databases.

BIG BOSS Summer Edition

For the first time, dbSQWare will participate in the BigBoss Summer Edition, from June 09 to 11, 2023!

This event will be punctuated by qualified one-to-one meetings in speed-dating format (7 minutes), workshops with feedback and networking evenings.
Emmy PAYAN and Michel Payan will be present, during these 3 days, to make known our multi-DBMS operating software with many functionalities (backup, restoration, copying of environments, update statistics, etc.).

See you at Club Med d’Opio in Provence for all those who will be lucky enough to be present!

CD 54

The County Council of Meurthe et Moselle (CD54) is now one of the dbSQWare users.

Michel Payan, our CEO, went to Nancy to proceed with the installation of our software and ensure the transfer of knowledge on its use.
With this collaboration, a new geographic sector is opening its doors to us.

We are very pleased with this new mark of trust.


The use of dbSQWare makes it possible to structure the management of database engines through normalization and standardization.
Recurring operating operations are simplified and monitored via task automation, all in a completely consistent manner regardless of the DBMS concerned.
The versatility of dbSQWare thus allows its users to gain autonomy.

With dbSQWare, keep control over your databases!


To find out more about the dbSQWare software and discover its main functionalities in terms of multi-DBMS operation and maintenance (backup, restoration, copying of environments, reorganization, update statistics, 360° vision), all you have to do is participate in a Discovery webinar.

Led by Lucas HIBOS or Emmy PAYAN from our sales team, it will allow you to discuss in complete confidentiality the management of your database engines, your expectations and the problems encountered.

To register, go to the “Webinaire” tab.


Tonight, afterwork “Launch of Territory 83” organized by the CIP – Club Informatique Provence Méditerranée.

Lucas Hibos and Emmy PAYAN from dbSQWare will participate in this unique event which will be held at the RCT Campus in Toulon and which will start at 6:00 p.m.
The theme of the evening will be the launch of the “Incontournables” in the Var with the presentation of the RCT and its Data strategy.
An exceptional evening that promises to be rich in exchanges, emotion and networking.

Good event to all participants who will have the chance to be present!


The whole dbSQWare team wishes you a happy Easter Monday!


Because it is essential to be able to follow the evolution of its databases, the dbSQWare web interface offers a 360 degree view of all of its DBMSs.

Thanks to its indicators, it allows, at the same time, to have:
– a global vision: distribution by DBMS, versions, volumetry
– and a granular vision through a Top-Down approach: vision of the instance, the database, the table, etc.

dbSQWare provides a complete graphical representation necessary for monitoring, security, auditing and compliance.

With dbSQWare, keep control over your databases!

Back to IT & Cybersecurity Meetings

IT and Cybersecurity Meetings 2023 are over!

A big thank you to all the decision-makers who came to meet our team during this show.
Talking about database engine management is always a pleasure for dbSQWare.

Congratulations to Carole Jardon and her team for the organization and the quality of the event.
dbSQWare will be present for the next edition, in 2024.

And thank you to our colleagues and partners for their great sympathy!


To avoid data loss, it is important to make backups of your databases.
But it is also necessary to ensure that these backups are correct and exhaustive, like the skydiver who checks his equipment before jumping.

Using dbSQWare means simplifying and making reliable the management of backups, restores and environment copies, whether physical or logical, while ensuring that the defined backup policy is respected thanks to a daily global check.

With dbSQWare, keep control over your databases!