– “Do you know what the job of DBA is?”
A DBA (DataBase Administrator) is responsible for the design, implementation and management of DBMS.
He also ensures the maintenance by adapting them according to the technological evolutions and the needs of the company.
The database administrator is responsible for the accessibility, quality and security of the data.
He also acts as technical support and support for IT developers and users.

– “What is the benefit of dbSQWare for a DBA?”
Thanks to our software of SGBD management and maintenance, backup, restore, environment copy and indicator collection tasks become easy and are followed.
DBA teams can free up time and focus on higher value-added tasks.


Following the UX / UI Design mission carried out by Atrioom, the developments began.
Our software dbSQWare will soon have a more ergonomic and intuitive interface to offer users a smoother navigation.
No more square and rigid cuts, instead of roundness and glide!
Obviously, new expected features will complete this version.
Still a little patience…


The dbSQWare team is growing!
Welcome to our new trade assistant, Marine Lario!
Student in Master 2, Marine joined the company on Monday and the whole team is very happy to welcome her.


The dbSQWare team wishes you a good back to work, as well as the realization of all your professional projects!


You’ve already heard about the features of our dbSQWare software, which specializes in database management and maintenance, but do you know its strengths?
Here is an overview:
Uniqueness / Speed ​​/ Homogeneity / Ease of Use / Adaptability / Scalability.
Using dbSQWare means mastering the operation and evolution of an entire database!


Thanks to our users for their involvement during our customer survey!


Very flexible, dbSQWare adapts to all companies, whatever their size and activity.
With its many features, adopting dbSQWare means not only choosing serenity and control, but also making the team of administrators agile and scalable.


The number and type of database engines that operating teams have to manage, within companies, are constantly increasing.
With dbSQWare, our DBMS management and maintenance software, backup, restore, environment copy and indicator collection tasks become easy, and administrators can focus on higher value-added tasks.


A big THANK YOU to all our users for their 100% renewed trust!

It’s been more than 10 years since our first customers chose dbSQWare to run and maintain their database.
And since then, all our users, even the oldest, have always renewed their license.


The dbSQWare team wishes you a very nice summer!
That it brings you the energy necessary to the realization of big projects!