Work is a great love story, overflowing with daily attention.
The desire to satisfy its customers, the constant search for new ideas, the effervescence of production, the desire for innovation, the maintenance of efforts, the pleasure of success, …
With its share of feedback, essential to be able to continue: the need for recognition and gratitude for the service rendered.

dbSQWare was born out of passion, 14 years ago and since then, it is the engine like the result of desire and work.


The dbSQWare team wishes you happy Candlemas!

May it feed you:
    – energy,
    – high spirits
    – and success!

Excellent day to all.


2 years have passed since I first appeared on LinkedIn as a dbSQWare mascot!
My goal is to make you discover the activity of the company, its software and the world which surrounds it.
Many of you react to my publications, whether they are entrepreneurial, technical, event-driven or lighter.
So a big thank you to all for your contribution and cooperation!
And I sincerely hope that this new year which begins will be rich in ideas, in writings and in sharing.
See you soon on LinkedIn!


A very happy new year 2021 to all of you!
And a big thank you to all our users for their trust and to all our subscribers for their loyalty.
Because it’s thanks to you and it’s for you that our dbSQWare software continues to evolve.
Meeting your needs and expectations is our team’s priority and will remain so.


We wanted to share on the geographical distribution of our customers and its clear concentration in Ile-de-France.
This is an opportunity to thank our users for their loyalty, their confidence, their high standards and their very specific needs, which are part of the evolution of our software.
This year, 6 patches have been added to the 2020 version of dbSQWare.
The 7th will be released in a few days while waiting for the 2021 version …


dbSQWare, our multi-DBMS operation and maintenance software, supports 11 types of database engines.

On RDBMS side (Relational Database Management System):
    – Oracle, the most popular on UNIX / Linux
    – DB2 LUW, the distributed system version of the Mainframe engine
    – SQLServer, developed by Microsoft and mainly deployed on Windows
    – Teradata, a historic RDBMS with colossal storage capacities
    – Sybase, acquired by SAP and former market leader
    – Ingres, dating from the 80s and in Open Source since 2004
    – MySQL, the most popular Open Source RDBMS
    – and PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source RDBMS.

On NoSQL side:
    – Cassandra and its column-oriented organization
    – MongoDB, the most popular of NoSQL, with a document-oriented organization
    – Adabas Linux version, accessible through the natural language.

Despite the diversity of these database engines and their heterogeneity, with dbSQWare, their operation and maintenance are completely homogeneous.


dbSQWare continues to grow!
Anthony Di Furia joined our team yesterday as part of his computer engineering work-study program.
We are very happy to welcome him among us and to accompany him in his Master.

TECHShow : J-14

Only 2 weeks before the launch of TECHShow 2020, in 100% digital format.
dbSQWare will participate in this unique meeting of innovation players in the Pays d’Aix to discuss innovative solutions and to present its unique DBMS operation and maintenance software.

Very good event to all participants!

TECHShow: M-1

The TECHShow is the unique meeting for innovation players in Pays d’Aix.
This year, the meeting with innovative companies will take place on Thursday, November 26, 2020, in a 100% digital format.
The dbSQWare team will participate in this original event to discuss innovative solutions with you and present our unique DBMS operation and maintenance software.
Good discoveries to all!


A big THANK YOU to all our users for their trust and loyalty, again 100% renewed!

It’s been almost 13 years since our first customers chose dbSQWare to operate and maintain their entire database.
And since then, all of our users, even the oldest ones, have always renewed their license.