Version 2020.06 of dbSQWare has just been released!
With a great novelty …
The ability to access a selection of the most common jobs, defined for all DBMSs and to consult, in 1 click, the associated help and examples of the use of scripts.
Access to the wiki is also available directly from the list of these jobs.
A plus for our users who will gain time and agility.

Not to mention that dbSQWare is the only DBMS management and maintenance software capable of homogeneously managing 11 types of heterogeneous database engines.

2006 – 2020

The operation and maintenance of database engines require significant efforts in the development and integration of various tools. And it is not always easy to maintain them over time, mainly because of version upgrades or turnover of DBA teams.

Hence the idea, in 2006, of developing the dbSQWare software, dedicated to multi-engine operation and maintenance.
It was not easy to set up. It took a big design effort to achieve standardization of the installation, use and delivery of the software, in order to hide from the user the complexity of switching from one type of engine to another.
But hard work and persistence paid off.

dbSQWare is now a mature software which has been in production, with some of our customers, for more than 12 years and which manages 11 types of relational or NoSQL database engines, such as Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL or even Cassandra and MongoDB .
All in a completely homogeneous manner, which facilitates its use, the overall monitoring of the IT equipment, the integration of new engines and the arrival of new employees.

IT & IT Security Meetings

IT & IT Security Meetings, let’s go!
After setting up the stand yesterday and the welcome meal, the show opens its doors to visitors from 9:00 am this morning and until 6:00 pm tomorrow evening.
The dbSQWare team is in place and awaits you on stand I21 to discuss the management and maintenance of database management systems. It will present to you its software with many features (backup, restore, copy of environments, update statistics, …) and supporting 11 types of DBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, SQLServer, MongoDB, …).
Do not hesitate to come and meet it.

And above all, a very good show!


Feedback from Design this evening at the Briqueterie in Marseille.
Our CEO, Michel Payan, will testify on the use of design in tech, following the UX / UI Design mission carried out by the company Atrioom for our dbSQWare software.
Thanks to Aurélien Beguet for his invitation and good luck to all the participants!


In 2 months, the 13th edition of the CRIP convention will take place.
This annual meeting of the 11,000 members of the Club of Infrastructure, Technology and IT Production Managers will take place on October 12 and 13, 2020, at the Grande Arche in Paris La Défense.
Our team will present dbSQWare, the unique software dedicated to the management and maintenance of DBMS, and will answer all your questions on stand 204.
Do not hesitate to come meet us !

CIP Network Show

The CIP Network Show is today!
The dbSQWare team is waiting for you at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille, on stand H5, to discuss during this unprecedented business event, organized by the Club Informatique Provence Méditerranée – CIP.

IT & IT Security Meetings: M-2

In 2 months, it will be our first participation in IT & amp; IT Security Meetings which will take place at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes.
The dbSQWare team will be waiting for you on booth 121 of this one to one show, dedicated to IT and security professionals.

CRIP 2020

New change of dates for the CRIP annual convention, originally scheduled for June 3 and 4.
It will finally take place on October 12 and 13, 2020.
The members of our team will meet you at the Grande Arche de la Défense for this event organized by the Club of IT, Technology and IT Production Managers.
They will present dbSQWare, our software dedicated to the management and maintenance of DBMS and will answer all your questions on stand 204.

CIP Network Show : M-2

Join the dbSQWare team at the CIP Network Show, on July 24, at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille!
This will be an opportunity to share on database management during this unprecedented business event, organized by the Provence Mediterranean IT Club – CIP.


The 2020 version of dbSQWare offers a new graphical interface to its users.
Completely redesigned and updated, it is now much more fluid and intuitive.
You can consult it on our demo site and choose your connection profile by following the instructions in the tooltip (i).
Then, all you have to do is navigate …

Demo on: http://webdba.dbsqware.com