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The number and type of database engines that operating teams have to manage, within companies, are constantly increasing.
With dbSQWare, our DBMS management and maintenance software, backup, restore, environment copy and indicator collection tasks become easy, and administrators can focus on higher value-added tasks.


Sunday, it will be Father’s Day!
The opportunity to write a message of recognition and admiration to Michel Payan, the designer of dbSQWare.
Since the 1st developments of the software in 2007, he never ceased to improve it to make it ever more agile and more efficient.
This required great capacities of analysis, adaptation, projection and a lot of time.
But the result is there ! dbSQWare is today in version 2019.03 and it is the only software in France, able to exploit and maintain, in a completely homogeneous way, 11 types of engines of databases (R & amp; NoSQL). Not to mention the upcoming arrival of a 12th engine …
Michel, hat for your will, your work and your constancy!


Michel Payan, our CEO, went to Troyes, at Lacoste, who has been using our software for 6 months already.
His objective: to ensure a transfer of knowledge on the exploitation of their DBMS fleet via dbSQWare.
His target: DBAs and managers.


– “But how came the idea of ​​developing such software?”
The idea of ​​creation sprang up in 2006, under the observation of our CEO, Michel Payan, that the companies in which he intervened, were all faced with the same problem of setting up (then maintenance) operating scripts of their DBMS.
Always with the same need to guarantee the homogeneity of the scripts on the park, the quality of the code, the management of errors and return codes. All of this leads to wasted time and energy for every business and for many DBA.

– “What has been the evolution of dbSQWare since?”
The first developments of the tool began in 2007. In 2009, the alfa version was installed on the park of a banking group. And it is in 2010 that the first official public version (manager 4 DBMS) is out. Today, dbSQWare is in version 2019.02 and manages 11 types of DBMS.